What’s the point?

I’ve often asked that question. What’s the point? What’s the point of life? What’s the point of me being here? What’s the point of living at all? Obviously there is a connection between my low mood and the asking of these sorts of questions, rather than a general curiosity.

But, this time I’m asking for a different reason. The question opens up the opportunity to describe to you, the reader, the purpose of this blog.

The idea has been brewing for a while. Last September I read a marvellous book Finding the God-Dependent Life, by Joanie Yoder. It was a game changer for me. In her book, Joanie describes her practice of reading the Bible with her morning coffee. Her special time with God. It became a wonderful spiritual discipline for her, and I felt a strong connection to it as I read her experience. I enjoy my morning coffee. It’s usually the only time I have on my own. So I thought I’d give it a go. I struggled to be consistent, and feared that it would be yet another thing for me to fail at. But, then I spent 10 days in a psychiatric hospital. I discovered something beautiful. I discovered coffee with Abba. I discovered that He enjoys spending time with me, doing whatever. I discovered that I like that too! Sometimes it’s just leaning in for a hug. Sometimes it’s reading His word and reflecting on it. Sometimes it’s doing something creative: writing a poem, writing a short story, drawing, painting, etc. Importantly, it’s time for me and Abba on our own as we get to know one another, as He teaches me, shapes me, and moulds me.

So, that is the purpose of my blog. A record of my morning coffees with Abba. I imagine it will also go some way in accompanying my recovery. So, let’s see where Abba takes us…

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