Light and Truth


This morning (Wednesday 31st January – it took me longer to create my blog than I imagined!), I was drawn to Psalm 43. There is a lot that I could have reflected on, but this leapt off the page at me, ‘Send forth your light and your truth, let them guide me’. (Psalm 43:3a NIV).

Now, my creativity can be rather obscure. I’ll try to explain my thought process, so that you can understand how I got from this verse to drawing light splitting through a prism!

As I reflected on  this verse, I started to imagine light passing through a prism and splitting into a beautiful display of colour. As I reflected further, it occurred to me that my experience of following Jesus has been similar. As I’ve followed His light along a particular path, it seems to be heading in a certain direction. Then I enter a prism of circumstance. Out of the other side comes a beautiful display of colour, but this time the path is going off in a different direction to the way it seemed to be heading. This can be frustrating, can’t it? But, like the psalmist, I want to follow the Lord’s light and truth, wherever He leads me.

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