This morning (Friday 2nd February- I’m still catching up!), I read Mark chapter 4. A large portion of the chapter mentions seeds. As I read through the parables I invited the Lord to speak to me.

I remembered what a couple of people have said to me in recent weeks – that they have started to see green shoots in me. Their hope, which I now share, is that even though there might still be cold wintery spells I’m heading for spring. The green shoots will not wither and die from the winter frost, but will blossom into beautiful flowers – like daffodils.

While I was in the psychiatric ward in hospital, another patient randomly put daffodils, in a soya milk carton, on the window just outside my room. I took that as a blessing and sign that the prophetic words spoken over me the weeks before were true. This gave me the determination to get better and to fully trust Abba with my life. It kick-started my relationship with Abba and the closeness with Him.

Now, I’ve been living a life of winter for as long as I can remember. The winter got progressively worse as the years went on, but I’m now coming out the other side and I can see thar I’m heading for spring. The days are getting longer, with more light. It’s gradually getting warmer and the green shoots in my life give me hope of what I’m growing into, by God’s grace.

Thank you Abba.


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