The first thing I noticed as I read Psalm 107 was that it mentions love a lot. Not just any love; unfailing love and great love (NIV translation). The love of the LORD. It’s mentioned in verses 1, 8, 15, 21, 31, and 43.

Me being me, I wanted to know which Hebrew word for love was used in this Psalm. To my astonishment it doesn’t say love at all! How frustrating!! I hate it when that happens!

I now don’t know what to write, because my post was kinda relying on the word love. So now I’m all in a muddle and really frustrated. I was kind of assuming that the Hebrew word for love was going to be somewhat similar to the Greek word agape which basically means unconditional love. But when I looked up the Hebrew it’s actually words like mercy, loyalty, etc. So, what am I missing? I think I’m going to have to study and pick this up another day.

To be continued…

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