Faith found in Sci-Fi

One of my favourite sci-fi shows is Doctor Who. Please don’t hold that against me! Even if you’ve never watched it or don’t like it, I might just have something good to say.

I have no idea whether the writers of Doctor Who are Christians,  but there have been so many times when the storyline beautifully demonstrates the love of Abba.

I was struck with awe while watching an episode today. The episode was the final part of a three part storyline. For anyone who’s interested the episode is called Last of the Time Lords. The episode is largely about the different approaches to conflict between the Doctor (good) and the Master (evil).

I was particularly struck by the beauty of this scene (please watch to the end):

In this scene alone we saw: faith, hope, ‘evangelism’, love (agape), grace, and forgiveness.

I was filled with compassion for ‘bad’ and broken people who make bad choices. I saw a glimpse of the love of Abba. I saw that the response of the Master, to this love, was him trying to escape the love and forgiveness of the Doctor. Sometimes we try to escape Abba’s love knowing that we don’t really deserve it. But, like the Doctor, Abba wraps His arms around us and forgives us – fully and freely. It’s beautiful. It’s awesome. It’s a story worth telling and spreading across the earth, so that everyone know of the love of Abba rather than the name of the Doctor.

I pray that you feel His embrace of love, grace, forgiveness, and acceptance. It can be scary to let Him love us, but He’s so gentle and kind – it’s worth it.


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