We are on holiday at the moment. A couple of days ago we  discussed where we might go to church. We thought of three possibilities, then we felt as though we should go to Malvern Baptist Church.

I had visited them last year for their coffee morning and felt a connection with them and fancied trying them out for a Sunday service.

As well as family in Malvern, I have a friend who attends another church (not baptist). I was tempted to go there but settled on the Baptist church. We would normally arrange to visit her while we are up, but we didn’t think we had time to commit during this weekend break.

But as we walked into the congregation, just as the service started, I noticed my friend whom we sat with during the service! It was wonderful to see her. God blessed us greatly. After the service she invited us in. We shared lunch together and had an afternoon of art.

That wasn’t the only blessing. All four of us thoroughly enjoyed the service and time of fellowship with Malvern Baptists. They were welcoming, inclusive, accepting, they prayed a lot, lots of scripture, and a very inspirational sermon. The girls experienced Sunday School and came back to us with broad smiles and their lovely creations.

Once the sermon is available on their website I’d recommend a listen: http://www.malvernbaptistchurch.org.uk/sermons.html

The subject seemed to be mostly about a critical time for following Jesus. I felt myself stand up for Jesus and say yes to Him. Fully. More fully than I ever have before. Hallelujah!

One thought on “Blessings

  1. Hi Nick, thanks so much for your encouraging comments about Malvern Baptist Church. We are glad to be a blessing to you and your family . God bless you all. Rev. Dave Clarke


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