A Long Way Up; A Short Way Down

While in Derby we enjoyed walking.

It was the most enjoyable family holiday we’ve had so far. The children are at an age where they are happy to do sight-seeing and walking, rather than endless trips to the park or indoor play-centres. We got away with very little moaning, the whole time we were away.

One of my friends recommended High Tor as a nice walk. We located it on the map, and headed off. We parked just off High Tor Road, in a lay by. We walked along High Tor road to a footpath that splits off to the left and right. We followed the footpath to the left, down a fairly steep hill to the entrance at the bottom of High Tor. We were struck by the close proximity to other places of interest, such as The Heights of Abraham Cable Cars, Lovers Walk, and Matlock Bath village and station. This knowledge came in handy as we planned to do the Heights of Abraham Cable Cars the following day.

P1440185So, as we entered through the entrance to High Tor we were unaware of how long it would take, or how difficult the walk up to the top would be. The views at the top, and in places along the way, made it worthwhile.

Although steep in places, and cliff drops to be aware of, we all thoroughly enjoyed it. Our youngest (aged 7) needed sticks to assist her – or at least it made the experience fun for her!

As we neared the top, Nick discovered a quicker route back to the car. We discovered that, if we didn’t want to, we could have reached the top by taking the path to the right along High Tor road, and it wouldn’t have been nearly as steep, nor taken so long!

We enjoyed our walk, but it was nice to come the quick way back to the car as we were all getting tired and hungry by the time we reached the top.

Here are some of the photographs from our walk:

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