Top Ten Photographs

Here are my top 10 photographs and what they mean to me:

  1. Sleeping Cygnet on Mum’s Back


This photograph is a perfect example of fluke! I had no idea that this even happened – that baby cygnets sit or sleep on their parents backs. I’d never seen it before, or since. It was awesome to watch and I got a bit snap happy and took hundreds of photos. This one turned out particularly well and is a firm favourite, not only to me but others too. What do you think?



2. Cygnet in Transition


This photograph is meaningful to me because I feel like a cygnet in transition. I’m yet to develop into a beautiful swan, but I’m transitioning towards that. My recovery from mental health disorders is a long and hard process. Mostly, I feel like my progress is only seen when I ‘flap my wings’ and the fresh, white, new feathers can be seen underneath. I long for the day when my white feathers can be seen by all – including me; and my dirty gray ‘disordered’ feathers are a thing of the past. This cygnet – to me – is beautiful, just as they are. But, it’s always a privilege to see them develop and grow-up into an adult swan.


3. Deep in Thought – Lioness


This beautiful lioness was snapped at West Midlands Safari Park, through a dirty car window! Seeing the animals close up was something I’ll remember forever. The pride were all on top of a lion-shaped rock – which I have named ‘pride rock’. It was reminiscent of Disney’s Lion King, although there were no cubs to be


I love this photograph, in particular, because the lioness seems to be deep in thought. I wonder what she was thinking.



4. In Flight


This photograph features in my top 10 because I was pleased to get the swans in flight. It was a misty and frosty morning at my favourite place to walk – Swan Lakes, in Yateley.

I’m not sure that it would feature in a photography competition though, because the photograph has a lot wrong with it – but it’s one of my favourites nevertheless. Surprisingly, it sells quite well too.


5. Meerkat Posing on Tree Stump


This photograph was taken at Marwell Zoo. I loved Meerkats before they became famous – through things like Compare the Meerkat. 

If I were an animal I’d either be a pheasant or a meerkat. I fall into traps easily – traps linked to behaviours associated with my disorders – so I fit into a pheasant analogy. I’m also hyper-vigilant like a meerkat. Both of these animals ‘fit’ my mental health disorders. So, I have a fondness of them.

Besides featuring in my top-10 it’s one of my best sellers.



6. Kingfisher with Fish in Beak


This Kingfisher lived at Swan Lakes, Yateley, last year – I’ve not seen him this year.

I’d never seen a Kingfisher before, then I saw this one regularly and took 100’s of photographs of him – with this one being my favourite.

Ever since a very young child I’d wanted to see a Kingfisher – it was on my bucket list. In fact, it was the last thing on my bucket list – perhaps I need a new list as I’m only 33! Although not the perfect photograph I’m very pleased with it.


7. Covenant Robin

Robin Singing Cropped

This was the first photograph taken with my first proper camera – which I purchased with my birthday money for my 30th birthday.

It later became known – at least by me – as Covenant Robin. We’d been encouraged, by the pastor at the church I attend, to pray the Covenant Prayer by John Wesley. I was unable and unwilling to pray that prayer at the time. After 3 weeks of wrestling with myself, God, and my pastor I came to a place where I was able to pray the prayer. As a thank you I gave this photograph to my pastor and my then counsellor – as hope and encouragement to them that I was determined to get better and start my recovery. Three painful years later, I’m still fighting to get better, while holding firmly to my commitment to God when I prayed that prayer.



8. Cygnet Siblings

P1140008 (1)

These Cygnet siblings are so cute! I don’t have much to say about them other than, ‘ahhhh, look – they’re so cute’, and ‘I wonder what they’re thinking and saying to each other’.

These cygnet’s are grown up now. They live at Swan Lakes, Yateley.




9. Waterlily Reflection

Waterlily Reflection

This photo was taken at Robin Hill Park, Isle of Wight. They have a reasonably new walkway called The Parting, where you walk between walls that separate the pond. That’s how I took the photo at eye level.

I love the deep pink colour of the Waterlily.



10. Sad Heron


I took this photograph of the sad heron, on a windy day, at Shepherd’s Meadows, in Sandhurst. I felt an emotional connection with the heron, because he looked sad and I felt sad. I take photographs as one of my coping strategies for my mental health disorders, so it seemed fitting that I photograph something that represents how I’m feeling – I find that therapeutic. I have painted this sad heron using watercolour and watercolour pencils.

So, that completes my top 10 photographs. Do you have a favourite?

If you’d like to purchase any photos, I’d love to hear from you. Click here for how to contact me.

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