Snare or Safety

Today I fancied writing a blog post, but I was lacking inspiration. I decided to look on Bible Gateway. Today, their word for the day is, ‘The fear of man brings a snare,
But whoever trusts in the Lord shall be safe‘. (Proverbs 29:25). (I started writing this last Tuesday – this was as far as I got, I finished it today!)

I’ve said in previous posts that I see myself as a pheasant, particularly when my mental health is bad. That’s because I get trapped by the thoughts and feelings. I feel lured into taking destructive action towards myself.

The dictionary definition of snare is, ‘a trap catching birds or mammals, typically one having a noose of wire or cord‘.

Part of the difficulty of my particular complex mix of mental health disorders means that these traps or snares are somewhat attractive to me. One of the things I’m trying to achieve, as part of my recovery, is lessening the attractiveness of snares and looking for safety. Poachers tempt their prey into traps using food or other enticements. It seems to me that my mental health traps have a similar pattern. This is also seen in addiction.

Game keepers, shepherds, herdsmen, and such like, have another role: they release the animals in their care from traps, the tend to the broken, they care for the lost and hurt. We humans find that same hope in Jesus. He is the best Game Keeper, Shepherd, Herdsman, and Saviour. He, as Abba, is the best Father. He comes to find the lost and broken and loves to rescue us from traps.

Even as I type this I’m struggling with feeling trapped into taking destructive and harmful action against myself. I’m trying desperately hard to look away from the grain luring me towards the trap, and look around for safety – the safety found in Abba-Jesus- Spirit. This time I want to be rescued by Him. This time I want to be released from choosing the path of traps. This time I want to choose abundant grace, forgiveness, love, acceptance and freedom. I want to roam free in ‘the fields of grace’ (- I’ve heard the quote but don’t know where it comes from). I TRUST IN THE LORD.


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