An Ethical Dilemma

A few of my friends are exploring the ethics of the use of plastics, and the impact on the environment.

I’d never really considered myself as politically or ethically minded, but have recently fallen into a lot of debates. A lot of the debates, at least for me, are also theological in nature.

Looking at the use of plastics when selling my stock has become a dilemma for me. I thought I’d do one thing and then found myself doing another, or at least compromising. It’s tough running a business.  I’ve discovered that the greetings cards I sell are environmentally friendly, but there’s the dilemma of whether to sell them cellophane wrapped or not. At first, after reading a lot of things, I decided – no way, definitely not! But, then I had a few sales. I discovered that my cards were getting damaged and that they weren’t looking as professional. It was also difficult trying to make sure people got their envelopes with their cards. So, at my next sales I’m going to compromise… I’m going to try and experiment. I’ve put some in cellophane for customers to browse.  Then they can either pay for them in cellophane or ‘naked’ depending on their own preferences. I have thought this through a lot, and I do feel uncomfortable – because I want to do my part for the environment – but it also would be a waste if my stock is not protected from damage.

I’ll see what happens and then decide. My ethical dilemma is far from over, and I’m sure I’ll face many more.

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