What do I do?


Welcome – whether this is your first visit to my blog/website or your hundredth – I’m glad you are here!

My writing seems to be far-reaching, which is astounding in itself – I never considered myself a writer. But, writing is not all I do. I am also a wife and mum. I work part-time doing marketing for my father-in-law’s business. I also paint, draw, take photographs, and make things. I design greetings cards through deepercards.com. I’m even writing a book. I’m not mad, I promise! LOL.

Creative should have been my middle name. I live for being creative – it’s my passion and brings me joy. I also benefit emotionally from being creative.

My hope is to make more of a living from what I enjoy most – being creative. My hope is that one day I make enough to support my family and share my creativity with others – either by sharing my gifts through art groups with the elderly, marginalised, disabled, mentally ill, etc; or writing books and blog posts.

My dream is to offer my creative skills to anyone who wants to explore their own creativity in a safe space – whether online or in person.

I also wish for people to glimpse the hope of freedom that I’ve found in Jesus. Even if you don’t believe in God, and have no desire to, I’m glad that you are here and willing to support my work and dreams – in whatever way you can, whether financially or by other means. My creativity makes up a large part of who I am and I’d love to do more with it.

Support, at least in the early days, is invaluable when venturing into any sort of business. Creatives find it so difficult to find a balance between doing what they love and making money. As I’ve received so much support and encouragement already and been blown away by peoples enjoyment of my art, I’ve come up with a way that – if you’d like – you can support me financially. Patreon offer a sort of subscription based support system where people join together to pay me ‘a monthly wage’ to be creative. In return, dependent on how much support you subscribe to per month (free to cancel at any time), you will receive benefits. Please click on this web link – https://www.patreon.com/morningcoffeewithabba – for more details.

Blessings and thanks in advance, Hannah x


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