Day 22: Disturbed

3 When King Herod heard this he was disturbed, and all Jerusalem with him. (Matthew 2:3)

Whatever we think about King Herod, which might not be very highly, he’s still a human being. We all face things that seem threatening to us. The questioning Magi, asking where the new baby king was, were unintentionally and unwittingly threatening to King Herod. His position, power, authority and character all seemed to be coming under threat by this news. No wonder he was disturbed by this news!

I wonder whether this affected his sleep or appetite.

I find it interesting that it is recorded that all Jerusalem was disturbed by this news. I’m sure that we can all recall a piece of news that has disturbed our community, or our country, or even the world. That’s not a nice feeling, is it?

There might be parts (and they might be big parts) of King Herod that we don’t like. Similarly, there might be parts of our own leaders that we don’t like. But, whether we like his character and behaviour or not, his feelings are valid. I’m not condoning any behaviour. All feelings are valid. What’s important though, is how we manage them effectively so that they’re not destructive to either ourselves or others. It’s very hard to learn and practice, but it is possible.

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