Is it really that important

This year I’m trying to write,  be creative,  and take a photograph every day.

I’ve had a bad day, mental health wise, so I haven’t felt like writing,  and certainly had no inspiration.

However,  I’ve just seen on Facebook, on the ‘Writing about writing’ page, that successful writers have to write every day. Now, I’m not seeking to be a successful writer – I don’t see that in me. But it did get me thinking.  I do want my recovery to be successful.  One way of ensuring that is by doing regular self-care. Three of the things on my self-care list are writing,  being creative and taking photographs.  These things might not make me successful, by way of a career, but my hope is that they will aid my recovery and make that successful!

So, even if I never get any of my writing published or become professional in any of these three things, the point is that I want to do them for my own enjoyment and wellbeing.

Obviously I hope that others will be blessed too. That is a primary focus of mine. But, I also need to accept that I need to do this for me; not just for you.

So, that concludes today’s recovery tasks.

© Hannah Kirk 2019

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