The Art of Surrender – Day 1

Today is the first day of Lent.  I’m not giving anything up, or at least not in the usual way.

My friend, Kat, has written a book called The Art of Surrender, and I’m going to read it during lent, and possibly for a few days after. Surrender feels like giving something up.

It’s interesting me because God has been working in my life bringing me to a point of surrender for a long while,  but I only realised that after I decided to read this book!

Having read the introduction and chapter one I have discovered just how pertinent it is to my life.

In her book Kat uses each chapter to effectively draw our attention to various acts of surrender in our lives.  In the first chapter she guides the reader through a carefully crafted series of reflections around the area of surrendering to God the way we see ourselves.

As one who strongly suffers from low self-esteem and warped body image, this was a rather pertinent subject.  I felt ready to read it, but not quite sure about how long the process of surrendering this area of my life is going to take.

I think that this book is going to be one that I will read over and over again, and practice more and more each time I read it – but, alongside the Bible, it seems to me to be an excellent foundation from which to build upon on my walk as a disciple.

Here is a link to her book on Amazon,  if you fancy reading along with me: The Art of Surrender 


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