This last week I have been writing a chapter in my book ‘Complexity: The Puzzle of Discipleship’. The chapter is titled ‘Truth and Integrity’.

It’s interested me that, despite being a stickler for the truth, I understood so little about the subject. It’s unravelled what I thought I knew, and set free the truth that I was yet to understand.

When something so ‘obvious’ is learned it’s difficult not to beat oneself up about not knowing it beforehand, and not calling oneself stupid. It feels like stupidity not to know the seemingly obvious,Β  but it’s not!

Even though it’s tempting to berate myself I’m resisting and focusing instead on the importance of the realisation of what truth is in regards to the Bible.

I’m still writing the chapter, so I might do a follow up post on this subject – or you can buy my book once it’s published! πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰

Copyright: 2019 Hannah Kirk

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