On Facebook I look at my ‘memories’ every day. I love to be reminded of what happened in previous years, and how far I’ve come in my recovery from mental health disorders (and how far I’ve got to go!). This isn’t always good because it reminds me of the bad stuff that has happened too – although oftentimes I remember anyway.

Today I had lots of memories. This was the one that leaped off the page: Forgive me Father for my angry heart yesterday. The thoughts and conversations in my head were lies and I shouldn’t have listened to them. Please help me to trust You more with my heart. Please help me to bat away lies from the devil that run the risk of destroying all that You are changing in me, and all of the relationships that I have built. Please help me to fix my eyes on you and to keep on going and keep on growing (up). Amen. 

It was a timely reminder and very pertinent. I’m still growing (up!) in this area. It’s circular rather than linear – and sometimes feels more like spiraling down into a pit of despair, rather than circling up!

So, today I’m praying this prayer again. Feel free to join me!

Blessings, Hannah


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