Jesus Breaks Through Chains – Original Artwork


I wish I had a better photograph of this painting, but I forgot to take a photograph of it after I finished it and before I gave it to a friend! Oops! I will know for next time.

So, although this painting can’t be purchased, I chose to write about it’s meaning anyhow.

I painted this during a church service. I had been woken up at 4am, by Abba, with the picture in my head. I knew I had to paint it during the service. During the service it became clear what it meant. This painting demonstrates the work of the cross smashes through time to reach us an break the chains that hold us back – sin, shame, guilt, unforgiveness, etc. Jesus died for all on the cross; His victory is ours when we turn to Him. He breaks every chain. The ‘ball and chain’ in the bottom left hand corner represents ‘shame’. Although I wasn’t sure who Abba wanted me to paint it for, someone approached me after the service and said that they thought it were for them – they had been ministered too for the exact same thing the week before! I was amazed! It was a wonderful experience to be used by Abba in that way – such a blessing.

I was very glad to be obedient to Him in this way.