Just When I was About To Give Up!

I've had a tough week, for a variety of reasons. Despite my positive last post I've been sorely tempted to give up with my recovery. I even spent a few days last week feeling suicidal again. I didn't act on it and rested instead - seeking appropriate support and taking my 'emergency' medication. I managed… Continue reading Just When I was About To Give Up!


Exciting News

Hi, I'm sorry it's been so quiet! I've been busy, and on holiday. But, I'm back and feeling refreshed and got some exciting news. I've now launched two new websites: www.hannahkirkartist.wordpress.com and http://www.hannahkirkphotography.wordpress.com That means that you can now follow all of my adventures and work. I will keep writing this blog, but the other website… Continue reading Exciting News